Developmental Assets

What Are Developmental Assets®?

A fundamental component of the Y’s youth development work, Developmental Assets® are the building blocks that all young people need to succeed in life. These building blocks come from both family and community in the form of positive adult relationships, support in school, and firm, protective boundaries.

These assets—40 of them—dramatically increase the chance that young people grow up to be caring, competent, and community-minded adults by helping them successfully navigate young adulthood and by nurturing their potential.

All children and youth need assets, regardless of their grade, gender, ethnicity, culture, or community.

The Y welcomes all ages, and we have many opportunities to connect with young children through adolescents. Developing and maintaining supportive relationships with youth can be accomplished using the asset approach.

Click on the links below to learn about the specific assets for each age group:

40 Developmental Assets Ages 3-5

40 Developmental Assets Ages 5-9

40 Developmental Assets Ages 8-12

40 Developmental Assets Ages 12-18