Local Trails

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Middle Tyger YMCA Trail Map

Dupont State Forest

Waterfall Hike (From February 2015)

Mountain Bike or Hike at Croft State Park

Trail Map including Southside & Dairy Ridge, courtesy Marc Motts & Todd Cantrell

Here are some great local hiking trails to try out:

From the YMCA to Peter’s Creek Heritage Preserve

Peter's Creek Heritage Preserve Website

1.    Parking lot to East Main St.  and Right on East Main.           

2.    Left on Haywood Ave (4th light).

3.    Go approx. 4 miles and turn right on Kelly Rd

4.    Go ½ mile and look for small white “peter’s creek” sign on right

Peter’s Creek to Pacolet River Heritage Preserve

Pacolet River Heritage Preserve

1.    Back out to Cannon’s Campground Rd and left on Cannon’s Campground           

2.    Go a little over a mile and turn left at 1st light onto Plainview Dr. 

3.    Continue on Plainview until it intersects with East Main St (Hwy 29)

**Hess gas station on right at intersection for anyone needing a restroom!!

4.    Continue across intersection onto Zion Hill Rd.

5.    Turn left at Sloans Grove Rd (4 way stop) and then left again onto Clifton Glendale Rd

6.    Go approx. 2 miles and turn right onto Goldmine Rd

7.    Go approx.  4 miles and turn left onto Nature View Lane

8.    Then stay straight onto Lucky Lane.  Go to end of gravel road and park

Pacolet River Heritage Preserve to Glendale shoals

Glendale Shoals Preserve Website

1.    Cross over Goldmine Rd onto Bethesda Dr.

2.    Stay on Bethesda for approx. 1 ½ miles

3.    Turn right onto Emma Cudd Rd at Bethesda Baptist Church

4.    Stay on Emma Cudd Rd until it is about to intersect with Clifton Glendale.  You will see a bridge and parking area on right.  Glendale Shoals!!  Time to eat!

***Note!!  Anyone now needing a restroom will need to cross straight over Clifton Glendale onto Country Club Rd and go to gas station at intersection with Woodburn Rd or to gas station at intersection with Pine St.  And then return, of course, to eat lunch at beautiful Glendale Shoals!