Let's Move Together!

New to the TOM!

'MOSSA' means move in Italian, and MOSSA classes will get you moving! Offerings range from cycling clasess to mobility classes! The MOSSA experts have partnered with the Institute of Motion to design programs to help you not only achieve your fitness goals, but also to make the activities of daily life easier!

MOSSA began in the 1970s as the SPORTSLIFE company. In the 1990s, the company developed the original STEP that swept aerobics classrooms across the nation! In the ealry 2000s, the MOSSA company became known as Body Training Systems. Today, MOSSA combines years of health and perfomance industry expirience with cutting edge research. Over 300 hours of research, work, and testing go into each MOSSA workout!  MOSSA partners with music producer SAIFAM to bring you today's hits and memorable tracks from the last four decades as your fitness class soundtrack! 

Choose from FOUR great classes at the Thomas E. Hannah YMCA: 

Conditioning Together

Cycle 30 Together

Move Together

Strength Train Together

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