The Y believes in being open to all, regardless of financial status or situation.  That is why we offer two rate options for you. The first is an income-based rate where your rate is determined by your annual household income and number of individuals living in the household.  In order to receive an income-based rate, you must present a current tax return so we can verify your household income at the time you join. The second option is to pay the flat rate, which is listed below.

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Membership Type

Flat Rate for Association Membership

Flat Rate for Branch Membership

Youth ages 12 and under



Student  (13-18; or up to 25 if a full time student taking 12+ credit hours)






Senior age 65 and older






Senior Household:  Two adults in the same household, one being 65 years or older (no dependents)



Upstate Adult


**Upstate Household 



* Household: In our Y, a household membership includes one or two adults in the same household and their dependents.  If you want, additional adults can be added on the membership, if they live with you, for $25 each per month. Proof of residency and dependency is required. Limit 4 adults per Household Membership.

**Upstate Household/ Adult:  Upstate Memberships are awesome! They include access to Anderson, Cherokee, Greenville, Greenwood, Pickens, Spartanburg, Laurens and Union County YMCAs, which means that your membership knows no limits! (at least in the Upstate!).

Proof of residency is verified through a driver's license, current bill, or other legal document. A dependent can be someone that is tax dependent, dependent child through marriage, or where the adult member is the child's legal guardian.

Membership Dues: The join fee can be paid all at once or over the first four months if paying monthly.  Dues may be paid in one of two ways: (1) annually by cash, check, or credit card, or (2) monthly automatic draft through a bank account or credit card.  If you would like to pay by draft, please bring a check, debit card or credit card with you when you join. Read more about the bank draft option.

Income-based Pricing: Is based on the income of everyone living in the household and the total number of people living in the household, regardless of who wants to sign up for a membership.

Government Issued Photo ID: Anyone 16 or older is required to present a government-issued photo ID in order to apply for membership, receive a membership card, or use the facility as a guest. Driver's licenses, government IDs or Military IDs are all acceptable forms of photo IDs. The YMCA of Greater Spartanburg regularly compares its database of members and guests to the National Registry of Convicted Sex Offenders and Sexual Predators. It is our policy to deny entry to anyone registered on this list.

No Contract: If at any time you wish to terminate your membership, you must submit a signed termination form.  You will be drafted one more time after this form is received by our Membership Staff.  Your membership will be active 30 days after the last draft.  There is a $30.00  return fee for all unpaid drafts.

Eligibility: Who shall be eligible to hold membership in this corporation? Any person who supports the purpose may become a member of this corporation in accordance with such provisions as may be established by the board of directors, and shall so continue to be a member unless the Board or its authorized agent concludes, in its sole discretion, that a member has failed to live up to the standards and commitments of being a member of this YMCA.

Membership Overview