Water Fitness


Thomas E. Hannah YMCA Water Fitness Class Schedule & Class Descriptions 


Middle Tyger Water Fitness Class Descriptions

Water Fitness classes consist of a variety of water exercise classes to meet the needs of all ages and fitness levels.  

Water Exercise is easy-to-learn, safe, and low-impact to minimize muscle soreness.  The natural buoyancy of water supports joints and creates a resistant environment to work muscles.  Water Fitness classes are free to YMCA members and $10 per class for non-members.
Want to participate?  You will need a bathing suit or workout suit, towel, and water exercise shoes or tennis shoes that are worn only in water.  A certified lifeguard is on duty during all class sessions.  We encourage participants to start in a program in which they will be successful initially and then move into a higher level program as they become more  comfortable with water exercise.  The following are ranked in order from least to most difficult.
 Active Older Adults (AOA) is safe and effective for those who suffer with Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Parkinsonís or serious back problems.  This class is also appropriate for de-conditioned individuals, those with posture and balance problems, orthopedic or neuromuscular conditions, or back pain.  Water walking and range of
motion exercises are done in shallow water.  Doctorís approval is recommended.  This is not a cardiovascular workout.
Water Workout, Morning Blend, and Shallow water aerobics are held in shallow water with focus on cardio and/or muscle conditioning by using water resistance and equipment.  This class content will be flexible based on participants input.
Walking consists of 45 minutes of various water walking movements with upper body exercises.  It is an excellent cardiovascular workout as well as a great muscle conditioning program for beginners.  (Recommended for overweight individuals, those with lower back pain, and beginners just starting to work out).
Water Fitness is a fun and motivating shallow water aerobics class that is great for conditioning heart and lungs, toning muscles, and increasing flexibility.  We encourage everyone to work at individual pace so beginners as well as advanced students reach optimal conditioning.  Participants use water resistance equipment progress and strive for
higher fitness levels.

Deep Water Workout is the ultimate non-impact workout, a challenging deep-water aerobic class.  Non-swimmers are welcome, however, you should be comfortable in deep water.  Ski belts, noodles, dumb bells, body hoops, or gyro-joggers keep participants afloat and vertical.  There is no impact on joints, but lots of resistance to strengthen muscles.  If you want a strong core this is the workout for you!Itís a total body workout!  Class meets in the large pool at Middle Tyger and the deep end of the Therapy pool at the TOM.  
Water Recovery is a water exercise class for those who need more individual attention and supervision in the water due to a disability, rehabilitation from surgery, illness or injury.