Worksite Wellness

Healthy working environments enable healthy choices to be “easy choices” for employees. However, when worksites provide an unhealthy culture, overweight and obese individuals have another barrier to face when striving to make personal lifestyle modifications. The Y desires to provide resources and support to worksites in Spartanburg that will enable them to easily become healthier organizations. More specifically the Y will bring meaningful impact to this sector by working with companies most at-risk employees through its Ready, Set, Move and Y-fit programs.

Working with Good for You Spartanburg, the Y desires to strengthen current worksite sector synergies by deepening existing corporate wellness programs and obtaining new partnerships. More specifically, the Y will empower employees that are at-risk for diabetes and other chronic diseases to make lifestyle changes.

Lunch & Learn at Wabtec - Topic: Eating Fresh, Eating Healthy


Program Description

The Y’s Worksite Wellness program is designed to make the implementation of accessible and encouraged healthy eating and physical activity easy and desirable for all organizations. The Y will work with worksites in becoming a partner with Good for You Spartanburg. The partnership is a short application that helps organizations begin to take simple steps in becoming a healthier workplace.


  1. Staff will meet with your organization’s appropriate stakeholder. (Usually someone in HR or a principal of the organization.) Together they will identify what your organization currently does for the health and well-being of its employees and any future plans or desires for further initiatives.
  2. The Y will share it’s FREE services that your organization can choose to participate in and discuss how the Y can seamlessly implement these health initiatives.
  3. Once your organization decides to move forward with one of the Y’s free services, the Y will help your worksite become a Good for You Spartanburg partner. This is simple application process that will enable your organization to become a model of community health. After the Y begins to work with your staff, a representative will keep in touch with your stakeholder to ensure your organization is happy with the Y’s services and that your organization is reaping the benefits of it’s Good for You Spartanburg partnership.

Alison, Program Director at the Middle Tyger YMCA, working with Wabtec employees


Scope of Worksite Wellness Services:

  1. Good for you Spartanburg Partnership
  2. Implementation of Good for You Spartanburg’s worksite recommendations
  3. Fitness assessments
  4. On-site Health Fairs
  5. Brown bag Lunch & Learn seminars (*free healthy meal provided designed by the Butterfly Foundation)
  6. Corporate shield opportunities for local races
  7. Family Fun nights at the Y
  8. Employee Appreciation Days
  9. Organized small group walks/runs
  10. Y-FIT or Ready, Set, Move programming for at-risk employees (*free)

Ready, Set, Move & Y-FIT Program: (Functional Introductory Training)

These programs are a personalized approach to holistic wellness and healthy living designed for at-risk overweight and obese individuals or individuals who are new to health & wellness. Clients are matched with a certified Wellness Coach that provides one-on-one counseling and accountability to enable lifestyle changes. Clients receive initial one-on-one counseling and 12 weeks of personal coaching.

Scope of Services:

  1. Certified Wellness Coach
  2. Fitness Testing / Goal Setting
  3. Nutrition Counseling
  4. Exercise Prescriptions
  5. One-on-one and/or small group specialized classes
  6. Continuous engagement with Wellness Coach
  7. Continuing Education


Please contact Brian Helsel, Healthy Living Director at the Thomas E. Hannah Family YMCA by email at or by phone at 864-585-0306 for any questions or to turn in a completed Good for you Spartanburg application.