Footsteps to Fitness

Footsteps to Fitness

Elementary School K-6 FUN runs at the YMCA!

The YMCA hosts monthly runs for local elementary school running clubs. We use the YMCA and different parks around Spartanburg to set up a running course that is suitable for all ages and running abilities.This is a picture from our February Footstep to Fitness run at Milliken Arboretum.



Following a fun stretching routine by our YMCA coaches, the kids line up for a group start based on age groups (K-2, 3-4, 5-6) and then head out on the course for their very own running event. Although not timed, this event is all about school camaraderie, good sportsmanship and allows the kids to learn about the YMCA and our four core values, honesty, caring, respect, and responsibility. 

After completing the run, the kids are provided with a healthy snack and then form groups with their school for the spirit stick award! Schools with the most spirit at the Footsteps to Fitness run are given the spirit stick for the next month to take back to their elementary school and put on a special decoration or emblem that represents their school and running club. 


Running benefits individuals of all ages, especially children!

Running is one of our most natural movements. As a child we first learn to crawl, then to stand, walk, and run. We begin running at an early age and building up the distance or time that our children spend running could have a great effect on them as they get older. Here is why!

  • Running helps develop lung capacity and cardiovascular endurance in children.
  • Walking and running are weight bearing activities, which allows for enhanced bone structure and muscular development in children. 
  • Running decreases a child's likelihood for developing chronic diseases and obesity when he or she gets older by instilling physical activity as a standard in their regular daily routine. 
  • Running can improve athletic performance, since most sports include running as a component.
  • Positive adaptations from running can occur in gait, coordination, balance, flexibility and other components of fitness. 
  • Running can help enlist confidence and self-worth in a child, especially if the child is participating in running activities with friends.



If your school is interested in joining the Footsteps to Fitness run or you are interested in volunteering for an upcoming run, please contact Atticus Fehl (Sports Director) at for more information!