Goal Getters 2023 New Year's Solutions!

Goal Getters 2023 New Year's Solutions!


2023 brings an opportunity to assess current habits and see how to make them healthier. Our “Goal Getters Solutions” can help start new and healthier habits. We’re happy to share four healthy habits to focus on giving yourself bragging rights or feel free to set your own solutions.

What’s the Gist?

Each week, complete the SMART Goal template at the Front Desk for a healthier habit and give it a good go. If you already have our four healthy habits down pat, then pick four other ideas to implement. Ideas could range from eating more veggies, being more mindful, spending quality time with family and friends, sitting less-more move, taking steps to reduce stress, cooking at home vs eating out, prepping meals for the week, drinking more water, etc.

Cost & Return . . . AND Prizes?

  • $10 to enter
  • Become a healthier, more confident self
  • A better chance to change lifestyle habits long-term
  • Be an owner of a brand new t-shirt!
  • Collect points for each challenge of 2023 to be entered in a winter drawing
  • Complete weekly goals and be entered to win a personal training session, an InBody Analysis + 2 30-minute prescribed training sessions, a Small Group Training session for you and 2-4 friends (members or nonmembers!), or a massage!

Signing up and Dates?

  • Sign-up w/ the Front Desk. Planner will be in your folder at the FD.
  • Sign-up ends January 20th, so we can order t-shirts!
  • Sign-up ASAP as Worksheet Packets need to be completed by Feb 7th to be eligible for prizes.

What are the Steps?

  • Complete SMART Goal Worksheet each week or day of/after sign-up, totaling 28 days.
  • Must have an Accountability Person sign your worksheet each week–could be a Y member or Y staff and may have more than one Accountability Person.
  • Talk about your progress and inspire others to make healthy changes, too!
  • Carry previous week’s goal into the new week (so by the end of the month, you will be integrating all 4 into your new lifestyle).
  • If 4 goals feel like too much, stick with one goal. This is a process and learning curves apply. Start gradually to be successful.
  • Pat yourself on the back for a 28-day goal completion well done!
  • Email Mary-Ladd with any questions: [email protected]