COMMUNITY LEARNING SERIES: Bite-sized Healthy Seeker Education:

COMMUNITY LEARNING SERIES: Bite-sized Healthy Seeker Education:

Come join us for a learning event that can improve your quality of health. We will be hosting guest speakers to discuss various topics and provide our community with knowledge. These educational sessions will be offered once a month on topics ranging from CPR, nutrition, health awareness, and healthy living. Bring a lunch or a snack to enjoy while our guests provide insightful knowledge on various topics.

No charge for members / $5.00 for non-members

**Lunch is not provided but we encourage you to bring lunch or a snack**

Selected Topics

09/16 Friends and Family Hands Only CPR

10/12 Whip Up Winter Squash – spaghetti squash microwave demo

11/18 Diabetes Awareness

12/14 Mindful Eating and Goal Setting for a New Year

Whip Up Winter Squash

Thomas E. Hannah
10/12/22 - 10/12/22

Whip Up Winter Squash

October 12th 12:00pm

Cooking with winter squash doesn’t have to be so difficult! Watch Registered Dietitian Kerri Stewart demonstrate the secret to easy prep, and learn how and why to incorporate more into your diet.

Includes demo & sampling of spaghetti squash. 

Registration Information  

Open Close Register At Household MemberYouth MemberNon-Member
9/15/22 10/12/22 Online / Front Desk $ 0.00$ 0.00$ 5.00

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