Active Older Adults

The Center for Disease Control suggests that successful aging is largely determined by individual lifestyle choices and not by genetics. Living a physically active lifestyle is one of the best predictors of successful aging and regular physical activity can contribute greatly to primary and secondary chronic disease prevention.

 What are some benefits of regular physical activity in the active older adult?

  • Regular physical activity delays the onset of functional limitations and loss of independence.
  • Fall risk declines significantly with regular participation in an exercise program that promotes muscular strength, balance, and flexibility.
  • Regular walking can reduce pain and improve function among people with arthritis in the knees.
  • Physical activity can improve the quality of sleep among older adults.
  • Exercise reduces the symptoms of depression and helps prevent a cognitive decline

Active Older Adults at the YMCA OF GREATER SPARTANBURG

The YMCA of Greater Spartanburg is very proud of our rapidly growing Active Older Adult (AOA) programming. No matter what their focus, YMCA health and fitness programs for active older adults strengthen the whole person. Socializing and volunteering, for example, have been shown to have positive effects on the health of senior adults, while exercise has proven to promote mental agility, in addition to longevity and good health.

The YMCA of Greater Spartanburg AOA programs are not just about keeping those adults fit and healthy; they are about making friends and having fun. From functional fitness and dance classes to water aerobics, we offer something for everyone. There are also numerous special events and social activities planned throughout the year. The YMCA is one place that offers many kinds of connections whether it’s through water fitness, a social club, or a youth mentoring volunteer program, the YMCA helps senior adults remain active and vital contributors to our communities.

Please contact one of our YMCA locations, and our staff are ready to help get you started today.

Prior to beginning any fitness program, the YMCA strongly recommends consulting a physician.