Spinal Health Workshop

Optimum health requires optimum spinal movement, but unfortunately, the spine’s ideal position is often compromised as a result of shoulder and hip limitations. This body mismanagement leads to faulty form and nagging discomfort. Matthew Devlin, a classically trained Pilates teacher and an intern at the Sherman College of Chiropractic, focuses on both form and feeling. He believes movement should bring ease and allow us to experience life on our terms. Please join him as he educates all ages and levels through a workshop that will focus on feeling the spine’s dynamic potential for healthy movement. By working from the inside out, participants will learn to engage their core in a variety of classic exercises meant to challenge both shoulders and hips, the big joints of everyday living. Only an open mind, willing body, and an intrepid spirit are required.
20 spots, social distancing required
$10 members, $10 Guest–wear mask on arrival and bring a mat