Cooking UP Confidence!

Cooking UP Confidence!


The purpose of these classes are to help participants gain confidence in their own kitchen and to give them the skills needed to create healthy, delicious meals. We have heard from the community that cooking and nutrition skills are a vital part of individuals being able to make the healthy choice the easy choice. Preparing more healthy meals at home will help people increase their fruit and vegetable consumption and spend less money on eating out.

The cost is $80 which includes 4 bimonthly FoodShare boxes, 4 cooking classes, recipes, healthy tips & tricks, and dinner!
Forms of payment accepted: SNAP/EBT (would be $20 total for SNAP/EBT), CASH, or CREDIT CARD, but the registrant will need to sign up with Ruth’s Gleanings and communicate how the box should be picked up for class. 

Recommended equipment for participation:
-Cutting boards
-Chef’s knife
-Paring Knife
-Medium sauté pan
-Large pot with lid (pasta sized)
-Grater or zester
-Steamer basket
-Oven or toaster oven
-Baking dish
-Set of measuring cups or spoons
*Will need some pantry staples (herbs, spices, olive oil, etc.) and possible diary or preferred protein

FoodShare boxes will be available for pick up at the front desk of the THOMAS e. HANNAH YMCA after 2:00pm the Tuesday prior to the Wednesday 5:30pm online class. This will give you time to prep the fruit and vegetables before class.
-You may choose to add your own protein such as ground turkey, chicken, lean beef, beans, tofu, tempeh, etc.
-You may need cooking additives such as spices, herbs, salt, pepper, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, etc. This information will be emailed along with any reminders or updates the Monday prior to class.

FoodShare box pick-up days after 2pm:
4/2, 4/16, and 4/30

Classes meet @ 5:30pm Wednesdays:
4/3, 4/17, & 5/15

*No FoodShare Box available for May 1st so last class will  be on May 15th.

Feel free to do one class, more, or all four! Contact Mary-Ladd for details: [email protected]