Ready, Set, Move

The YMCA is excited to offer the new Ready, Set, Move! program, free to any member at the YMCA!  Ready, Set, Move includes multiple sessions with wellness staff to kick start your wellness journey.

Session 1: Fitness Consultation and Assessment

Become familiar with the 5 components of fitness! Our staff will test you on your current physical fitness and abilities including:

  •        Body Composition
  •        Cardiovascular Endurance
  •        Muscular Strength
  •        Muscular Endurance
  •        Flexibility

After determining your current fitness levels, our staff will begin working on an individualized program for you!

Session 2: Education

Build your knowledge and confidence! During your 2nd scheduled appointment, your wellness coordinator will orientate you to gym equipment by giving a step by step demonstration on proper use. You will be given the opportunity to show what you learned by taking your own test run on the equipment!

Session 3: Cardiovascular and Nutrition Orientation

Learn how to maintain a healthy weight! Your wellness coordinator will help you find your ideal heart rate and walk you through nutrition basics. You will receive your personalized fitness plan after learning how to use cardio equipment.


If you are interested in signing up for Ready, Set, Move!, stop by the Membership or Wellness desk to schedule your first free appointment!