Adult Sports

Adult Sports at the YMCA put an emphasis on teamwork and cooperation. The YMCA offers recreational and league sports for men and women who want to have fun in camaraderie with others while getting an excellent workout. Come out and play adult basketball, indoor soccer, volleyball and racquetball at the YMCA.

Adult Volleyball League at the Tom

Ages: 17 and up

Registration: March 1-31, 2014

Games start April 14th (Every Monday)- June 30th

Rates: Team: $250  Individual non-member: $50 Individual member: $30

*Max 10 players/team

Contact Atticus Fehl for more information. 

Adult Pickup Soccer

Wednesdays at 5:30 pm at the Tom. FREE for YMCA members!

Adult Sports vary between the Middle Tyger and Thomas Hannah locations. Please contact Adam Beasley at (864-433-9623) or by email ( for Middle Tyger info and Atticus Fehl at (864) 585-0306) or by email ( for Thomas Hannah info.