Youth Sports

Youth Sports at the Y:

We currently offer Youth Sports at both the Thomas E. Hannah and Middle Tyger YMCA's. Offerings include Youth Spring Soccer, Youth T-Ball, Youth Fall Soccer, and Youth Basketball. Youth sports teams need your support! To be a team sponsor or for more information, please contact Thomas E Hannah's Atticus Fehl or Middle Tyger's Megan Murray.

Our Youth Sports programs focus on:

  • Healthy competition rather than rivalry
  • The value of participation over winning
  • Team building as well as individual development
  • A positive self-image and a sense of fair play
  • Mutual respect for others

According to the American Sport Education Program, sports participation:

  • Builds an appreciation of personal health and fitness
  • Develops a positive self-image
  • Teaches how to work as part of a team
  • Develops social skills with other children and adults (such as taking turns and sharing playing time)
  • Teaches both how to manage success and disappointment
  • Teaches how to respect others

Caring adult volunteer coaches create an environment in which children learn and practice the YMCA's core values of responsibility, honesty, respect, faith and caring.
Parents are encouraged to contribute their time as volunteer coaches and team parents as well being their kid's greatest fan. YMCA Youth Sports programs are a great start to a lifetime of health and wellness!


We would like to take a minute to thank our youth sports sponsors! Our sponsors impact has not only effected the community we are all a part of but has assisted the growth of our youth sports programs here at the Greater Spartanburg Family YMCAs. Thank you for leaving a lasting impact!