Beast Mode at Willis Road

Discover how, together, we impact our community.


Our Beast Mode Program is offered at WILLIS ROAD YMCA and is designed to help you improve your overall health and fitness levels. 

We utilize a combination of high intensity functional training methods to provide you with a fun, challenging and successful fitness program.

Register for our Beast Mode Winter Battle of the Beasts Competition here.

Specific focus is put on developing skills and improving your abilities in the following areas: 

In these classes you will use a variety of equipment including; Barbells, Dumbbells, Olympic Plates, Pull-up Bars, Kettlebells, Rowers, Air Bikes, Ski Ergs, Plyoboxes, Medicine Balls and more!

All of this is wrapped into one all inclusive program that leads to progressive results in a friendly community atmosphere.

Are you ready to activate your Beast Mode?

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