Racquetball is a Racquet Sport played with a hollow rubber ball on an indoor or outdoor court.

Racquetball is an easy sport to learn. You can even play without a partner! A good game of racquetball puts all your muscle groups to work, building strength and endurance. It improves gross motor movement, eye-hand coordination, and flexibility.

Reservations can be made on our website at Reserve My Court Member Login. You may also call and someone at the front desk can assist in signing you up, if space is available.

How to make a reservation:

  • Reserve your spot a maximum of 48 hours in advance and end 15 minutes prior to the class start time
  • If you need help,contact 864.310.6400
  • Reservations are on a first come, first serve basis

Checking in: 

  • Please check in at the front desk before heading to the court.
  • YMCA members can scan the key card or phone and head to the court.

Extra Notes:

  • Rackets and balls will be provided by us
  • Bring your water bottles, we encourage you not to use the water fountains
  • Players are required to supply and wear their own eye guards
  • Participants should wear sneakers and comfortable clothing to play
  • Children must be at least 7 years old to participate
  • Temperature checks will be taken at the main entrance
  • Masks are required upon entry and while on the hallways. Not required during play

1 – The Game

Rule 1.1 Types of Games

 Tournament racquetball is played by two or four players. When played by two, it is called singles and, when played by four, doubles. Cut-throat is the name generally applied to several non-tournament variations of the standard game when played by three players.

Rule 1.2 Description

Racquetball is a competitive game in which each player/team uses a strung racquet to take turns at serving and returning the ball within a closed court.

Rule 1.3 Objective

The objective is to win each rally by serving or returning the ball, so the opponent is unable to keep the ball in play. A rally is over when a player (or team in doubles) is unable to it the ball before it touches the floor twice, is unable to return the ball in such a manner that it touches the front wall before it touches the floor, or when a hinder is called.

Rule 1.4 Points and Outs

Points are scored only by the serving side when it serves an irretrievable serve (an ace) or else wins a rally. Losing the serve is called a side out in singles. In doubles, when the first server loses the serve, it is called either a hand or half out and when the team’s second server loses the serve, it is a side out.

Rule 1.5 Match, Game, Tiebreaker

A match is won by the first side winning two games. The first two games of a match are played to 15 points. If each side wins one game, then a tiebreaker game is played to 11 points. Unless a rule exception exists, the first side reaching the requisite score is the winner.